The best ice hockey bets available for Canadian bettors

An Introduction to Ice Hockey Betting Ice hockey is a fast, high impact and powerful sport that has flourished in colder regions of the world. Canada is one such country where ice hockey is a popular sport to play, watch and bet on. Ice hockey is a sport played at both club and international levels … Read moreThe best ice hockey bets available for Canadian bettors

History of Sports Betting in Canada

There are many pastimes that Canadians enjoy, but few have gained the same amount of popularity in recent years as sports betting. Whether it is hockey, football, basketball, tennis, or sailing, betting in Canada is at an all-time high and shows no sign of stopping. One of the reasons betting has become such a favourite … Read moreHistory of Sports Betting in Canada

Smartwatch Betting Options Available

Is Smartwatch Betting an Option? In 1972, the Hamilton Watch Company released their Pulsar digital watch and ever since then watch technology has grown more sophisticated. Today, the smartwatch has shown us that true innovation knows no bounds as it is a watch with superior capabilities. The smartwatch allows its wearer to perform functions of … Read moreSmartwatch Betting Options Available